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Bridging the climate financing gap with public policy instruments in Poland banner

Supporting reforms to develop well-regulated, stable and competitive financial markets

Funding Programme
  • 2021

Bridging the climate financing gap with public policy instruments in Poland

The European Commission supports the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Poland in developing concrete and actionable policy measures and recommendations for market participants as well as public administration to strengthen the Polish financial market in the context of financing the climate transition.


Sustainable finance is a challenge for the Polish financial market due to its complexity and wide scope. At the same time, it is an opportunity for the market to play its part on the path of decarbonisation of the Polish economy. The inclusion of private investors in financing sustainable development is a prerequisite for a successful and just transition of the Polish economy towards climate neutrality.

Support delivered 

The Commission provides support that consists of the following measures: 

  • Good practice report identifying best practices against which to benchmark the Polish financial market;  
  • Diagnostic report providing a comprehensive overview of the Polish economy, giving a clear picture of the finance gap and identifying issues that need to be addressed in order to enhance the capability of the Polish financial market to mobilise finance; 
  • Setting up a national Sustainable Finance Platform as a forum for stakeholders engagement; 
  • Recommendations report – sustainable finance action plan summarizing the recommendations developed together with the stakeholders. 

Results achieved 

It is expected that recommendations developed under this project would guide the government on what needs to be done to develop the financial sector in Poland and ensure that it contributes to post-covid recovery, decarbonisation and just transition. The success of the project depends on the involvement and cooperation with participants of the Polish capital market and non-governmental organizations, as well as representatives of public administration and other public stakeholders.

More about the project

You can read a preliminary good practice report: