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Supporting reforms to develop well-regulated, stable and competitive financial markets

Funding Programme
Structural Reform Support Programme (SRSP)

Protecting consumers and enhancing financial literacy

The Commission supported the project aimed to protect consumers and enhance financial literacy in Italy through financial education programmes. This was done by making the national online financial education portal more dynamic and interactive in areas that have a large impact on people’s personal finance, such as insurance and pensions. The website can now serve as a point of reference for every Italian who has to make informed decisions affecting his or her personal financial situation.


Italy faced challenges in the field of financial literacy. Financial knowledge is limited, existing education initiatives were on a small scale and did not reach important parts of the population. Italy created a national Committee in 2017, whose task was to promote and coordinate financial education programmes linked to financial decisions of every-day life, such as personal finances management or pension planning. As an important part of the plan for implementing the national strategy for financial literacy, the Committee created an online portal for financial education, which can provide a simple yet authoritative source of financial information. In order to be better equipped to assist people in making difficult financial decisions, the website needed a comprehensive upgrade.

Support delivered

Funded by the European Commission, over the course of 20 months, a range of educational toolkits and tutorials were provided to the Committee, such as a self-assessment quiz, an online tool for organising household finances, interactive games for school pupils, video tutorials and web series. These digital products were designed with an eye on strong integration with the online portal, clarity of the messages for reaching an audience as large as possible as well as a user-centred approach.

Result achieved

The project delivered a wide range of innovative and interactive digital ‘edutainment’ and ‘infotainment’ products and approaches for the website to foster curiosity and make fundamental financial concepts more accessible for citizens who are not necessarily knowledgeable on these topics, allowing them to make better financial decisions.

Project in the spotlight

For more information about the project and its output, please consult the Comitato EduFin website:

Webserie Civico 101, via delle Finanze: