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Reform Support

Supporting reforms to transition to a green economy and fight climate change

Funding Programme
Technical Support Instrument (TSI)

Energy and Climate Modelling and Energy System Integration in Latvia

The project consisted in providing Latvian authorities and research organizations with modelling tools which would provide an improved analytical capability of its energy and climate planning and policymaking.

More specifically, the team (Trinomics, RTU and E3M) developed Latvian TIMES and CGE models to support long-term energy and climate planning in Latvia, as well as a decarbonisation pathway which enables cost-effective investments in infrastructure for energy system integration.

The new models will support the Latvian energy transition plans, their implementation and monitoring, to achieve a carbon neutral economy at least-cost and in a timely manner, in coordination with the EU and other Member States, within the framework of the Governance of the Energy Union.

This project is funded by the European Union via the Technical Support Instrument and implemented by Latvia’s Ministry of Economics, in cooperation with the European Commission.

More about the project

You can read the final report here: