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Funding Programme
Structural Reform Support Programme (SRSP)

Inland waterway transport in Poland - the Oder Waterway

for the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation

The Commission helped the Polish authorities to develop a cost-benefit analysis and a communication strategy underpinning the modernisation of the Oder Waterway. The objective was to enhance the Ministry's capacity to plan and manage an increase in the inland navigation in Poland.


The share of inland waterway transport in Poland in the total split is very modest (0.5% in 2016).

The Polish authorities are committed to increase the accessibility and quality of waterway transport and plan an ambitious modernisation programme for the Oder Waterway.

Evidence-based policy tools are needed to enhance the role of inland navigation and prepare long term investments. The Ministry needs a sound cost-benefit analysis and a tailored communication strategy.

Support delivered

The support was provided over 14 months. It aimed to help develop sound methodologies, analyses and customized tools for the development of the Oder Waterway, and enhance the Ministry's capacity to plan such investments in the future.

Support measures consisted of:

  • a sound cost-benefit analysis and a methodological framework for analysing the ways to modernise the Oder Waterway; and
  • a communication strategy underpinning the development of the policy on inland waterways.

Results achieved

Support from the Commission delivered the following results:

  • enhanced the capacity of the ministry to formulate and implement policies and tools to help develop the waterway transport in Poland.

And is expected to have the following impact:

  • increase the role of inland waterways and contribute to a more sustainable transport modal split in Poland.