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Supporting reforms to transition to a green economy and fight climate change.

Funding Programme
  • 2018

A Just Transition for All: Preparing for a Managed Transition of Coal-dependent Regions in Western Macedonia

The Commission provided the Greek authorities with technical experts who assessed the impact of the transition on the economy and employment in the region and delivered a road map with recommendations for a smooth transition. The project was a key element in the preparation of the Greek strategy for the transition from coal.


All Member States, regions and sectors have to contribute to the transition towards a climate-neutral economy. However, the scale of the challenge is not the same for all. The transition will affect particularly regions that heavily depend on fossil fuels and carbon-intensive industries. Currently, the region of Western Macedonia in the north-west of Greece still depends heavily on coalmines. These coalmines are an important energy supplier for the whole of Greece.

Support delivered

In collaboration with the World Bank, the Commission provided Greece with technical support for over 18 months. The support was divided into three main components:

  • Strengthening government systems, through the delivery of a governance framework, a regional transition strategy, a proposal for a public-private partnership, and a stakeholder engagement strategy;
  • Preparing people and communities, focusing on building a smooth transition from the coal value chain with focus on labour market impacts;
  • Repurposing land and assets, through the delivery of a strategy for repurposing land and assets, and a reclamation plan for mined areas.

Results achieved

The deliverables have been an important input both for the preparation of the National Just Transition Development Plan (SDAM), which oversees the transition out of coal of Greece, and for the Territorial Just Transition Plans (upcoming), in line with the proposed Regulation establishing the Just Transition Fund.