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Funding Programme
  • 2022

Recharge and Refuel - clean, smart and fair urban mobility in Slovakia

The commission helped to support the Ministry of Transport of the Slovak Republic in preparing consultancy services for the development of clean, smart, and fair urban mobility in Slovakia. It also aims to help strengthen the role of the MoT in coordinating and implementing an Integrated Transport Ticketing (ITT), as well as adopting good practices for developing cycling infrastructure and traffic calming in Slovakia.


Despite concerted efforts, Slovakia has struggled to reverse declining use of public passenger transport. While it remains reliable in direct, non-intermodal connections, fragmented commissioning of different transport modes by independent bodies has hindered effective transfers between modes. Seamless operations and tariff integration among transport commissioners is essential to enhance reliability. The implementation of a single, affordable intermodal transport ticket and convenient mode transfers are crucial for improving the perception and use of public transport among its target group.

Before the rise of car use in post-transition Slovakia, cycling was a popular urban transport mode. However, cycling has now become primarily a leisure activity, not significantly impacting sustainable transport goals. To promote cycling as a viable urban transport mode, it should be incorporated into traffic calming measures to enhance pedestrian and public transport benefits.

The implementation of the ITT solution, foreseen in this project, will be funded by sources from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. The project will contribute to major EU priorities, including the European Green Deal and the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy.

Support delivered

Key project deliverables aim to support the ITT solution in Slovakia, enabling multi-modal public transport on a single ticket. The AS IS report identifies existing parameters and stakeholders, while the TO BE report outlines ITT criteria and options. An action plan recommends regulatory decrees and project management strategies. The communication plan provides a strategy and timetable for public engagement.

Adapting policies on Cycling Transport Infrastructure and Traffic Calming can enhance measures when integrated into regulations. Recommendations and methodologies may improve policy quality. Training materials developed in the project will aid capacity building and awareness rising through targeted educational activities.

The Ministry of Transport is the main beneficiary, driving reforms for integrated transport, tariff systems, cycling infrastructure, and traffic calming. The newly established National Transport Authority plays a pivotal role in further developing the ITT solution, with its personnel joining the project in early 2024.

Results achieved

Key project deliverables are expected to help in the further finalisation and successful implementation  of the ITT solution in Slovakia enabling multi-modal public passengers to travel on a single ticket.

Successful implementation of the ITT solution is expected to yield benefits identified in the cost-benefit analysis, including quantified benefits such as increased sales, saved passenger time, reduced accident rates, and lower environmental impacts, as well as unquantified benefits including easier, more flexible, and higher-quality travel, targeted services, cost savings, improved tourism, reduced fraud, better performance, enhanced data quality, and higher interoperability.

More about the project

You can read the documents related to the project here: