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Reform Support
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Supporting reforms to transition to a green economy and fight climate change

Funding Programme
  • 2023

Regional Development of Western Liguria

The Commission supports Liguria region in implementing an interdisciplinary, multisectoral and innovative management model for sustainable tourism, as a driving force for the entire Liguria region and for its western coastal area, including the Gallinara island.


Reforms to create a sustainable Europe should include concrete actions at regional level to build a competitive local economy that valorises and preserves of the natural resources and cultural heritage and focuses on higher employment rates in innovative sectors, particularly for the young generations. In the context of DG REFORM flagship on overcoming obstacles to regional development and strengthening cohesion in the EU, this project implements a multi-sector approach by promoting complementary synergies between sustainable tourism, the labour market and competitiveness.

Support delivered

  • Preliminary model design and feasibility analysis
  • Economic study and marketing plan
  • Survey on climate change adaptation actions
  • Proof of concept for the piloting of a natural swimming pool
  • Training initiatives for capacity building
  • Monitoring the implementation of the development model
  • External communication and transfer of results for knowledge sharing and peer learning

Results achieved  

The project is expected to:

  1. Diversify and increase local employment with a view to environmental sustainability, including through targeted training to enhance potential of coastal and local communities, especially in the case of women and young people
  2. Adopt a new model of experimental tourism, including the development of the Gallinara coastal area and the proof of concept of a pilot project for a natural pool between the island and the neighboring coast to promote inclusive educational and outdoor experiences
  3. Implement a long-term participatory governance to strengthen the capacity and skills of local public and private actors through innovative synergies and the sustainable use of resources, including with the use of green accounting
  4. Dissemination of good practices to other areas with similar natural and cultural value (islands, coastal areas, seabed stretches), including between the EU regions

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