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Reform Support
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Supporting reforms to improve the quality and sustainability of our healthcare systems

Funding Programme
  • 2018

Implementing a primary health care reform in Austria

for the Ministry of Health

The Commission is supporting national authorities in their efforts to implement a primary health care reform and provide effective start-up services to primary care units to enable health professionals to start their own primary health care units.


In ageing societies, the provision of high-quality primary health care service is key for a sustainable health system. Austria legislated a primary health care reform with the aim of establishing 75 primary health care units by 2022. Austria requested support from SRSS to speed up the implementation of this ambitious reform aiming at setting-up an effective start-up support programme.

Support delivered

The support planned by the Commission is built on the following components:

  • creating a start-up guide with information for health professionals for the successful establishment of a Primary Health Care Unit;
  • creating support material and providing training sessions for the Social Health Insurance and regional Governments on the availability and use of financial instruments for Primary Health Care Units;
  • providing hands-on consultancy services to help start up Primary Health Care Units; and
  • designing a website and a communication strategy.

Expected results

Support from the the Commission aims at the following results:

  • comprehensive start-up information made available to enable health professionals start their own primary health care unit on a sound and valid basis;
  • up to 18 primary health care units supported directly;
  • awareness raised of the available technical and financial support options and stakeholders empowered to implement the reform; and
  • establishment of a web platform.