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Supporting reforms to strengthen labour markets social protection systems, and migration management

Funding Programme
  • 2023

Building the strategy and foundations of a centralized IT platform for TCNs labour market inclusion

The Commission supports Spain in developing a strategy for streamlining the labour market inclusion of third country nationals (TCN), including through the use of a centralised online platform. The strategy will target TCNs already in Spain as well as talent attraction from third countries.  The relevant platform will facilitate the matching between skilled migrants and employers seeking workers with skills that are currently in short supply in Spain.


Despite years of job creation, Spain continues to deal with structural factors hampering the productivity growth of the country. Labour shortages and mismatches, as well as labour market inefficiencies are among the most significant challenges the country is facing. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the challenges for employment, fairness and inclusion and some social indicators are critical with regards to vulnerable groups, including third-country nationals. As a result, Spain is among the EU countries with highest skill mismatches in the labour market and highest share of long-term unemployed in the active population and of people at risk of poverty or social exclusion.

Support delivered

The support measures include:

  • Refinement of Spain’s strategy and processes regarding the integration of third country nationals into the labour market, including mapping of the relevant stakeholders and IT systems.
  • Identification of inefficiencies or other issues affecting the inclusion of third-country nationals in the labour market.
  • Benchmarking against relevant EU countries, in order to facilitate integration policies, as well as technological enablement for their achievement.
  • Strategy and operating model for third country nationals to access all necessary support services, facilitating the granting of work visas or permits.

Results achieved

The project will refine and streamline the strategy of the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, facilitating the integration of third-country nationals in Spain and attracting adequately skilled talent to bolster the Spanish labour market. It is also expected to support the creation of an IT platform that would centralise relevant support services so that third country nationals can be better matched with jobs offered by employers.

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