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Supporting reforms to strengthen labour markets social protection systems, and migration management

Funding Programme
  • 2023

Enhancing Structures and Policies for Intercultural Integration in Cyprus

The Commission supports Cyprus in enhancing the integration of migrants through fostering a better understanding of their diverse cultural backgrounds. Building on a previous project, which focussed on the development of intercultural networks at local level, DG REFORM will support the authorities in reviewing the instruments and tools developed under the first project, including the 5 intercultural networks’ coordination mechanism, action plans, and integration policies, while also developing a national strategy for integration.


Due to its frontline position, Cyprus is faced with the double challenge of reception and integration of major consecutive migrant waves. This challenge, in combination with the recent increase in the number of third country nationals entering the country through irregular channels seeking international protection, has rendered paramount the intercultural integration of migrants. For that reason, the Civil Registry and Migration Department, under the Ministry of Interior, has requested technical support for the implementation of integration activities in the 5 intercultural networks, and the development of a national integration strategy.

Support delivered

The support measures include:

  • A report on the establishment and functioning of the coordination mechanism that would include the activities of the mechanism, challenges and lessons learnt.
  • A report documenting the implementation of the five regional intercultural network action plans.
  • A report evaluating the regional intercultural networks based on a satisfaction survey of the members.
  • An analysis and assessment of integration policies in the five districts
  • A report documenting capacity building activities on intercultural integration.
  • The provision of capacity building activities for stakeholders to prepare the national integration strategy.
  • The development of a tool for monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the integration strategy at a national level.
  • The provision of operational recommendations to ensure the sustainability of project outcomes.

Results achieved

The project will ensure that the intercultural integration policies at the regional and local levels are sustainable and effective, involving all relevant stakeholders via well-structured coordination platforms and monitored through performance tools. It will also contribute to the preparation of a comprehensive national integration strategy in consultation with all relevant stakeholders.

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