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Supporting reforms to strengthen labour markets, social protection systems and migration management

Funding Programme
  • 2022

Examining technology-driven solutions to facilitate migrants' access to essential information in Czechia

Following Russia’s unprovoked military aggression against Ukraine, the Commission is supporting Czechia in examining technology‐driven solutions that could respond to the increasing demand for essential information from people displaced from Ukraine and other third country nationals.


As a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, an unprecedented influx of displaced people has reached Czechia seeking for information related to residence permits, healthcare, education, housing, integration into the labour market, and other services under the Temporary Protection Scheme. This unprecedented number of queries has overwhelmed the current communication systems of different Ministries as these were not built and structured to handle such volumes.  

According to the statistics from the United Nations Refugees’ Agency (UNHCR), the number of refugees from Ukrainians registered for Temporary Protection or similar national protection schemes, has grown from around 200.000 in January 2022 to more than 480.000 in February 2023. 

Support delivered

The Commission is supporting the Department for Asylum and Migration Policy to carry out an assessment of the current communication channels of the different Ministries interacting with refugees and migrants residing in Czechia in order to define an inter-connected communication strategy and suggest the right technology to digitalize, optimize and automate the information exchange.

Expected results

The project will contribute to define an inter-connected communication strategy to facilitate easy, simple, comprehensible and digital access to information and services for people displaced from Ukraine who benefit from Temporary Protection in Czechia as well as other migrants. This access will be a single point of entrance for accessing essential information related to stay/residence permit, health care, education, housing, labour market and other socio-economic support.  

Its expected impact is a better and faster access to integration services so that people displaced from Ukraine feel welcome and are better integrated.

More about the project

You can read the documents related to the project here: