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  • 2019

Barnahus Slovenia: Supporting children victims of violence

The European Commission has supported Slovenia to set up its first “House for Children”. The Barnahus officially opened on 27th May 2022 and will provide support to children victims of violence.


The purpose of the project was to support the Slovenian authorities in setting up and implementing the Barnahus (children’s house) response model for child victims and witnesses of violence. The Barnahus model is designed to coordinate parallel criminal justice and child-welfare assessment processes in suspected cases of children’s sexual abuse. It does this in a child-friendly way, providing all necessary services to child victims under one roof. This model builds-up upon the Lanzarote Convention and the EU directives on victims’ rights and child sexual abuse.

Support delivered

The Commission supported Slovenia for 5 years (from 2017 to 2022) , carrying-out two technical support project, in cooperation with the Council of Europe. The Ministry of Justice of Slovenia was the main beneficiary. Support included:

  • Drafting a situation analysis and recommendation report to prepare an action plan to  implement the Barnahus
  • Engaging stakeholders and preparing an inter-ministerial agreement to develop the Barnahus
  • Designing Barnahus operations and training the staff
  • Preparing a draft law on children-friendly justice
  • Preparing the application to the EEA Norway grants in order to finance the renovation of the building that hosts the Barnahus.
  • Carrying-out communication activities to inform and engage citizens in violence prevention 

Results achieved

The Barnahus opened on 27th May 2022 following:

  • The design of operation and the conclusion of an inter-ministerial agreement in October 2018 to implement the Barnahus with the Ministry of Justice; The Ministry of the Family, Labour and Equal Opportunities, Interior, the State Prosecutor-General, the police and the Supreme Court.
  • The preparation of a draft law on child-friendly justice in Slovenia that was adopted in June 2021 and allows for a clear legal set up of the Barnahus.
  • A nation-wide communication campaign and inclusion of children in the design of the Barnahus.
  • Opening of the Barnahus in May 2022 following the training of staff and the approval of the application to the EEA Norway Grant for the renovation of the building

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