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Reform Support
Supporting reforms to reinforce efficient and high quality public administrations

Supporting reforms to reinforce efficient and high quality public administrations

Funding Programme
  • 2021

Improve the Public Sector Data Exchange Methodology

The Commission is supporting the “Agency for a Digital Italy” in its most recent 3-years Information Technology Plan for the Public Sector in Italy (2020-2022) that proposes Public Sector Administrations (PPAA) make their institutional data mutually available for interoperability purposes


Almost all Italian citizens and private/public sector entities must interact, in one or the other way, with INAIL, the Italian “National Institute for Insurance against Workplace Accidents”. This interaction is based on digital technologies. However, the data required from other public administrations for the services to be provided by INAIL is not always available in a complete, standardized, cost efficient or automated way. 

Support delivered 

The support measures that will contribute to improve the data exchange should include: 

  • analysis of INAIL’s information assets of national interest and useful for interoperability purposes; 
  • analysis of other public sector organizations’ information assets; 
  • analysis of the guidelines regarding the national “Interoperability Model for Public Sector Administrations” to ensure compliance; 
  • analysis of all legal and protection aspects related to information exchange; 
  • definition of a public sector «Data Exchange Methodology» which specifies the guidelines for defining agreements for INAIL on the basis of the above analysis results; 
  • application of the data exchange methodology to a proof-of-concept between INAIL and one other public sector organization to further analyse the full range of connected implications and to showcase potential solutions; 
  • identification of the most suitable existing solutions and standards for implementing the methodology; 
  • formalisation and dissemination of the knowledge and experience gained through this initiative;
  • production of a roadmap of possible future data exchanges with other services;

The support measures that will contribute to increase the digital dexterity of INAIL should include: 

  • identification of INAIL representatives piloting the initiative (out of 10.000 staff), identification of digital gaps; 
  • production of training programme to enhance digital literacy; 
  • identification of workplace tools to increase «digital collaboration»; 
  • production of an Agile methodology supporting rapid, incremental problem solving and solution development leveraging flexible, highly autonomous teams
  • facilitation of the connected culture change and required, new digital mind-set through an appropriate system of employee motivation and reward, leveraging gamification, prizes and non-traditional incentives for example; 
  • production of a roadmap identifying the main initiates, timing and challenges for the implementation of a digital dexterity programme at full INAIL level. 

Expected results 

The main expected results is to allow INAIL to rapidly expand its footprint of information exchange with other administrations and improve institutional services to citizens and private/public sector enterprises nationwide as well as transnationally.

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