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Funding Programme
  • 2018

Regional policy for Greece post-2020

In 2018, based on a request of the Ministry of Development and Investment of Greece, the European Commission commissioned the OECD to develop a Territorial Review on Regional policy for Greece post-2020.


Considering the complex ecosystem of European Structural Investment Funds (ESIF) at European and national level in Greece, the project assisted the Greek authorities in defining development priorities and a strategic plan for the post-2020 period, based on the comparative advantages of Greece as a whole and of its regions, including an assessment of ESIF governance mechanisms, which will allow improving Regional and Cohesion policy performance.

Support delivered

The project allowed Greece to identify a “vision” for regional development, containing policy and governance recommendations, as well as 13 specific regional profiles discussing development priorities and strategies for each region.

The project also delivered a coherent set of measures to implement these strategic priorities (e.g. actions required, relevant organisations, necessary resources, maturity level of the actions, steps to be taken, implementation timetable), as well as capacity-building seminars to stakeholders from the national level but also from all 13 regions and to strengthen regional development policy planning and implementation.

Results achieved

The timing of delivery of the project was crucial, as the recommendations were used as input for drafting the Greek Partnership Agreement for the 2021-2027 Programming Period. With the results of this project, Greece is better equipped to improve administrative capacity across all levels, as well as to establish a more efficient governance mechanism for ESIF. This will in turn allow Greece to better absorb valuable funds during the next seven years, and beyond.

More about the project

Read the OECD Territorial Review of Greece.