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Reform Support
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Supporting reforms to reinforce efficient and high quality public administrations.

Funding Programme
  • 2017

Strengthening the effectiveness of the judicial system in Croatia

for the Ministry of Justice

The Commission supported national authorities in their efforts to improve the country's court management to underpin an effective judicial system and respect for the rule of law.


The Ministry sought to improve the effectiveness of the judicial system and to ensure respect for the rule of law as a prerequisite for encouraging investment and creating a business-friendly environment. This required reforming national legislation in order to establish more efficient court management and ensure a better quality judicial system.

Support delivered

The Commission mobilised several judges from France, the Netherlands and Slovenia to share their national practices with the Croatian authorities.

The support measures focused on the following elements:

  • management of the court administration;
  • individual evaluation of judges; and
  • statuses/certifications of court professionals assisting the court (e.g. court experts, court interpreters, and certified appraisers)

Results achieved

Support from the Commission delivered the following results:

  • finalisation of the design of several laws currently being prepared by the Ministry, e.g. on the management of courts, the evaluation of judges and on court professionals to support the implementation of the national justice strategy.

And had the following impacts:

  • a more effective judicial system