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Funding Programme
  • 2023

Supervising Artificial Intelligence by Competent Authorities

The European Commission is supporting the Dutch Authority for Digital Infrastructure (RDI) to speed up and  set up proper supervision of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems in compliance with the forthcoming AI Act and other relevant legislation.


The rapid development of AI technologies is accelerating the need for governance and effective supervision of the AI industry. The European Union (EU) is currently at the forefront of AI regulation with the proposed AI Act (expected to be enacted by the end of 2023) and aims to boost Member States’ research and industrial capacity while ensuring safety and fundamental rights.

In addition to forthcoming regulation, Competent Authorities are grappling with challenges related to the existing sectoral regulations and revolutionary technologies that do not fit the existing regulatory and supervision frameworks.

Support to be delivered

The support will be delivered through three main phases:

  • PhaseI: a comprehensive report on current supervision practices will be elaborated on the basis of desk research and interviewsinto  and widely distributed among Dutch and European working groups of Competent Authorities on AI. 
  • Phase II: the project will develop case studies that explore and simulate the complexities of AI supervision.
  • Phase III: a final set of operational recommendations for effective AI supervision will be draw up, making use of  advice from multiple stakeholders.

The technical support to the RDI will be provided by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s Social and Human Sciences Sector (UNESCO).

Expected results

The project will provide support to the RDI in their endeavour to supervise AI, thereby ensuring greater adherence to existing and upcoming legislation on AI. It will not only deliver comprehensive knowledge on existing practices of AI supervision and a set of other good practices and supervision scenarios, but it will also deliver practical pathways and on-the-ground assistance for the RDI to supervise AI.

The RDI chairs both the European and Dutch Working groups of Competent Authorities on AI. In addition to directly supporting the RDI, the project will also engage other EU Competent Authorities to collectively address the complex and varied challenges associated with supervising AI technologies.

More about the project

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