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Reform Support
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Helping Member States to design reforms necessary for the preparation and implementation of their national RRPs

Funding Programme
  • 2021

General technical support for the implementation of Romania's Recovery and Resilience Plan

The commission helped to design and put in practice an inter-institutional system responsible for elaboration, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, adjustment and reporting of National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP)


The RRF foresees new support modalities including budgetary support linked to achievement of targets and milestones. This implies the need of capacity building in the Romanian administration to deal with a completely new approach from the one the country was used in the past 14 years, when the main trigger for public investments were the structural funds. In that respect, substantial technical assistance is critical in the initial phase of the RRF framework ensuring that the Romanian administration is prepared both for the development and implementation of the NRRP

Support delivered

The support to be delivered includes:

  1. Providing technical advice for the operationalization of a framework for effective inter-institutional coordination, monitoring, and reporting of the NRRP implementation.
  2. Supporting sector-level mechanisms for operationalizing decisions related to implementation, monitoring, and reporting of all NRRP components
  3. Providing support on mapping technical assistance needs and coordination of technical assistance
  4. Developing recommendations to establish the financial management, flow of funds and data reporting mechanisms needed to support the implementation of the NRRP

Results achieved

  • Support to MIPE in preparation of the draft procedures for management and coordination of the NRRP implementation
  • Support for the development of the legal framework for NRRP implementation through peer review of the Government-prepared legislative drafts;
  • Development of the first and second (updated) versions of the technical assistance needs database;
  • Provision of just-in-time support upon MIPE and other reforms/investments coordinators’ request 
  • Support for the preparation/peer review of the Cover Notes of the milestones and targets associated with the first Payment Request Romania is submitting for RRF;
  • Delivery of four modules of the Build UP 4 RRP Capacity Development Program aiming at strengthening the administrative capacity of MIPE and other line ministries for managing NRRP;
  • Development of the concept and technical specifications for the Early Warning Mechanism for NRRP in Excel-based format and subsequently preparing the technical specifications for an IT application (developed by MIPE)
  • Trainings with MIPE as national coordinator and other ministries on the use of the Early Warning Mechanism