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Reform Support

Helping Member States to design reforms necessary for the preparation and implementation of their national RRPs

Funding Programme
Technical Support Instrument (TSI)

Supporting the implementation of Belgium's Recovery and Resilience Plan

The Commission supported the Belgian authorities in building capacities to monitor, coordinate and implement their national recovery and resilience plan (RRP). In particular, authorities from the federal level, the Brussels Capital Region, Flanders and French speaking communities and Wallonia benefitted from technical expertise and support. 


The significant resources made available under the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) require public administrations to have sufficient capacity to effectively coordinate and monitor the overall implementation of the recovery and resilience plans. To this end, Belgium received technical support to further improve its capacity to effectively coordinate and monitor the overall implementation of the plan amongst stakeholders, including authorities at central and decentralized level, and to put in place sound implementation, monitoring, reporting, control and audit mechanisms and systems. Within Belgium, the State Secretary for Economic Recovery and Strategic Investments is responsible for the preparation, implementation,  monitoring  and overall coordination of the RRP, as well as for reporting to the European Commission.

Support delivered

Considering that Belgium ultimately remains responsible for implementation of the RRP, the Commission provided targeted support over a 13-month period. The support measures consisted of guidance to:

  • enhance the compliance of the "Do No Significant Harm" (DNSH) principle throughout the cycle of relevant projects;
  • strengthen the capacity to monitor the impact of the RRP, especially in  the area of microsimulation;
  • further improve the monitoring, reporting and control arrangements related  to the implementation of measures included in the RRP (taking into account interim steps outlined in the operational arrangements);
  • help the audit authorities fine-tune and foster the efficient implementation of their audit framework.

Results achieved

The outputs related to this project contributed towards the successful implementation of Belgium’s national recovery and resilience plan.