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Reform Support
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Helping Member States to design reforms necessary for the preparation and implementation of their national RRPs

Funding Programme
  • 2021

Technical support for the implementation of Czech Republic’s Recovery and Resilience Plan

The Commission strengthened the institutional capacity of the Czech authorities to implement, monitor and report on their national recovery and resilience plan (RRP).


Following the unprecedented crisis caused by the pandemic, the Czech Republic’s RRP responds to the urgent need to promote a stable recovery and prepare for a greener and sustainable future. The project aimed to address the challenge brought by the novel implementation requirements of the RRP and enhance the capacity of the RRP implementation structure, with particular focus on reporting and monitoring, compliance with the DNSH principle, prevention of conflicts of interest, and the overall compliance with the regulatory requirements of the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF).

Support delivered

The project supported national authorities in improving their capacity to implement the RRP measures, monitor and report on achievements. The following measures were delivered:

  • Revision of the technical aspects of monitoring and reporting in the central information system;
  • Trainings and capacity building activities, consultations, analyses, revisions of documents, methodological frameworks, and risk assessment for various aspects of the RRP;
  • Advice and assistance to selected component owners of the RRP;
  • Collection of evidence for the achievement of RRP milestones and targets.

Results achieved

The technical support helped improve the monitoring and reporting framework, including the information system for the collection of data from the implementation structure, and the putting in place of an enhanced methodological framework and internal operational manual for the RRP coordination body.