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Reform Support

Supporting reforms to improve the quality of education and training systems and ensure equal access to it

Funding Programme
Technical Support Instrument (TSI)

Improving the funding of upskilling partnerships in Wallonia

Between July 2021 and January 2023, the European Commission - via the Technical Support Instrument (TSI) - supported the Public Service of Wallonia (“Service Public de Wallonie”) with the development of recommendations to enhance upskilling pathways in the region.


The organisation of upskilling pathways for the low-skilled in Wallonia currently relies on the establishment of partnerships among training providers – in particular, among non-formal and formal providers of education and training.

Still, several barriers remain for the establishment of such partnerships – namely, barriers of a financial, regulatory and administrative nature. In order to ease such barriers, and build more modular and flexible learning pathways in the region, the Public Service of Wallonia requested technical support to develop recommendations for the improvement of upskilling pathways in the region.

Support delivered  

The technical support was delivered through the following activities:

  • A targeted review of national and international best practices as regards the establishment of partnerships between adult training providers;
  • Extensive stakeholder consultations with adult education stakeholders in Wallonia to identify ways to remove financial, regulatory and administrative obstacles to effective partnerships;
  • A peer-learning event involving experts from other Member States;
  • The organisation of presentations aimed at sharing the progress on the identification and analysis of the reform options proposed;
  • A final report with concrete recommendations and key steps to take in view of removing obstacles hampering upskilling partnerships in Wallonia;
  •  A final conference to present the key recommendations to institutional stakeholders.

Results achieved

The technical support project provided Walloon authorities with concrete recommendations to remove barriers which currently hamper the establishment of upskilling partnerships in the region.

The expected long-term effect of this project is to increase the mobility of learners in Wallonia, thereby creating new lifelong learning opportunities for low-skilled adults in the region, and contributing to better employment outcomes.

More about the project

You can read the final report and linked documents here: