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Funding Programme
  • 2023

A perfect match – forecasting and steering the future and present teaching workforce in Austria

The Commission supports the Austrian authorities in tackling teacher shortages by developing an effective forecasting of demand for teachers by region, type of schools and subject, and by helping schools in the implementation of professional processes of human resource management.


Teacher shortages have become a structural challenge in Austria, even if demand for teaching staff varies depending on the region, type of school and subject matter. Among the specific factors that contribute to schools’ needs there are the duration of initial teacher education, the comparatively high proportion of part-time employment, a lack of appreciation for the teaching profession in society, and a perceived high workload.

Meeting these challenges and being able to cover the demand for teachers and teaching hours quantitatively requires the ability to produce high quality and accurate forecasts of the demand for teachers. At the same time, ensuring high quality education requires an increased focus on personnel management at and by schools. In this area, school administrations need structured support.

Support delivered

Project activities are designed to provide the Austrian with (1) a forecasting tool for effective short- and mid-term planning of the teaching workforce and (2) support the joint development of an HR framework for the Austrian school system, involving stakeholders and in particular school leaders. Analytical activities on the current situation in Austria will be combined with exchanges of good practice in other European countries. Lessons learned will be applied in the development of a set of tools for the forecasting of teacher supply and demand at different levels of the education system, and to support HR management at school level.

Results achieved

In the medium term, the project results are intended to support the recruitment and development of teachers, sustainably secure the supply of teachers, and provide evidence to support a strategic education policy.

In the long term, the results are expected to contribute to improving the staffing situation at Austrian schools and enhance the quality of school life. They will thus contribute to the quality and equity of education in Austria.

More about the project

You can read the final report here: