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Reform Support
Towards a strategy taking VET to a new level

Supporting reforms to improve the quality of education and training systems and ensure equal access to it

Funding Programme
  • 2020

Towards a Strategy Taking VET to a New Level 

The Commission supported Luxembourg’s Ministry of Education, Children and Youth (Ministère de l’Éducation nationale, de l’Enfance et de la Jeunesse, MENJE) by providing analysis, a well-consulted new Vocational Education and Training (VET) strategy and an accompanying implementation plan for Luxembourg. 


In the coalition agreement 2018-2023, which provides the program for Luxembourg’s current government, the attractiveness of VET careers is a priority theme. The same agreement also highlights as national priorities that the education system reflects Luxembourg’s innovative strengths in the areas of new media and digital, entrepreneurship and sustainable development. New technologies and new media can thus be considered both as a pedagogical tool and as a subject to be taught. The programme indicates new initiatives which should be launched in partnership with the Professional Chambers to increase relevance and quality of VET programs. 

The Luxembourg authorities and stakeholders have already undertaken various efforts to promote or improve VET; however the (long-term) impact has remained limited. 

Support delivered 

The project’s specific outputs: 

  • The inception report included a comprehensive work-plan with detailed description of deliverables, activities, resource allocation, working methodologies, milestones and timeline, a risk analysis, the minutes of the kick-off meeting and a summary of other decisions taken. 
  • The situation report provided a detailed understanding of the state of play of the VET system in Luxembourg and an analysis of its main challenges. It included a summary of the system, a comparison of its key features with that of peer countries/regions with at least three successful VET systems (e.g. CH, DE, DK, NL, NO) and a mapping of stakeholder views and ongoing initiatives. 
  • The international good practice report offered the Luxemburgish authorities and stakeholders with a concise comparative compendium of VET policy initiatives from at least three peer countries agreed with the contracting authority. 
  • The policy report proposed a short list of priority areas for issues/themes to be considered for the strategy development, indicating for each (briefly) the key evidence and/or reasoning for its inclusion. This list was based on the previous work, consultation of the political level, key MENJE and other national authority staff, and discussions with key stakeholders. 
  • A proposal for a comprehensive strategy to improve relevance and take-up of VET in Luxembourg was included.
  • Finally, the project resulted in a proposal for an implementation Plan.

Results achieved

The deliverables of this project resulted in the following outcomes: 

  • MENJE and stakeholders have a common understanding of the state of play, key challenges and stakeholder positions.
  • A strategy for improving relevance and take-up of Luxembourg’s VET system has been developed and has been endorsed by stakeholders.
  • An implementation plan for MENJE’s implementation for the strategy has been developed.