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Reform Support

What we do

Together, we can turn your reform agenda into a success

In a constantly changing world, reforms are needed to keep our economies competitive and to improve the quality of public services. However, reforms are complex. It requires specialized expertise to make sure that the reforms are well-designed and optimally implemented. By bringing together expertise from different backgrounds, including international organizations and the private sector, the European Commission helps Member States to carry out reforms that create jobs, inclusive societies and sustainable growth. Our projects are funded by the Technical Support Instrument and managed by the Commission's Directorate-General for Structural Reform Support (DG REFORM).

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More about our projects

Recovery and Resilience Plans

Policy areas

Transición ecológica

Respaldar reformas para la transición a una economía verde y para combatir el cambio climático.

Transición digital

Apoyar reformas que liberen el potencial de crecimiento digital e implanten soluciones innovadoras para los ciudadanos y las empresas.


Apoyar reformas que fomenten un entorno empresarial atractivo y contribuyan a aumentar la competitividad.