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Reform Support

Technical Support Instrument - Country Factsheet

The Technical Support Instrument (TSI) is the EU programme that provides tailor-made technical expertise to EU Member States to design and to implement reforms at the national level, with an emphasis on the green and digital transitions. The TSI also supports the preparation and implementation of Recovery and Resilience Plans.

Initiated in 2021, the TSI is the successor of the Structural Reform Support Programme (SRSP). Since 2017, both programmes have helped design, develop and implement over 1500 reform projects in 27 Member States.


Austria has so far benefited from 39 projects financed by the Technical Support Instrument or by its predecessor, the Structural Reform Support Programme.
Policy areas
The support addressed a broad range of policy areas, including public administration, better regulation, public spending, financial literacy, healthcare and education. A particular focus has been on digitalisation in both private and public sectors.
7 of the projects were part of a multinational effort to support reforms benefitting several Member States.

Reform projects approved under the Technical Support Instrument

The yearly TSI cycles are launched during the TSI Annual Conferences, detailing the requests and projects to the public. During the event, invited speakers provide insight into how the TSI supports Member States, drawing from the experience gathered on the ground during one of the many reform processes, designing and implementing key reforms, helping tackle issues and face crises, to strengthen resilience and the structural capacities of administrations and institutions. 

Particular focus is put on multi-country projects, geared at addressing common issues among Member States and maximising the effects of the EU added-value of the instrument, combining expertise and experience sourced throughout the European Union.

Structural Reform Support Programme (SRSP) projects (2017-2020)

You can find the full list of SRSP projects here.

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You can easily search projects from all Member States through the interactive map and learn more about reform projects.

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