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Reform Support

Projects in the spotlight

The European Commission has supported Slovenia to set up its first “House for Children”. The Barnahus officially opened on 27th May 2022 and will provide support to children victims of violence. The purpose of the project was to support the Slovenian authorities in setting up and implementing the Barnahus (children’s house) response model for child victims and witnesses of violence. The Barnahus model is designed to coordinate parallel criminal justice and child-welfare assessment processes in suspected cases of children’s sexual abuse.

The European Commission supported the co-ordination of past and future IT initiatives while preparing for a Digital Justice Strategy in line with European good practices, as well as the development of a digital justice strategy and an accompanying action plan through a comprehensive consultation process of all stakeholders and targeted and operational recommendation.

The Commission supported two successive projects, which were implemented in cooperation with the World Bank, developing an early warning methodology for early school leaving and piloted it in 10 Romanian counties.