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Reform Support

Our projects

The European Commission has long supported Member States with the identification, design and implementation of their reforms. The support can take various forms and variety of instruments are at the disposal of the Member States; for instance, Structural Reform support projects were implemented through the Structural Reform Support Programme until end of 2020, and through the Technical Support Instrument (TSI), its successor programme, as of 2021.

Since 2015, demand for reform support from Member States has far outstripped expectations. So far, more than 1500 reform projects have been supported in all 27 Member States, in a number of policy areas. By bringing together specialised expertise from different backgrounds, including international organizations and the private sector, the European Commission helps Member States to carry out well-designed and efficient reforms.

"Project in the spotlight" demonstrates effective implementation, promising results as well as high potential to be replicated across the EU.

Projects in the spotlight

Reform Support activities in the different Member States are highlighted in the Country Factsheets, updated once a year.